Downsview Community Primary School

Learning and Achieving Together

School Uniform

At Downsview Community Primary School we expect children to come to school wearing full school uniform and to take a pride in their appearance. School uniform contributes to the feeling of belonging to our school. The list below covers uniform requirements.

School uniform with a Downsview logo is available to order from the school office. There is no requirement to buy branded uniform and more affordable school uniform is available for purchase from all major supermarket chains.



School Uniform:

PE Kit (in a named bag) as follows

  • Grey or black trousers / grey skirt

  • House colour T-shirt with Downsview logo

  • White polo shirt / shirt / blouse

  • Blue / black shorts

  • Green sweatshirt / cardigan

  • Trainers (black or white only) or plimsolls 

  • Grey / white ankle socks (summer)

  •   Dark blue / black tracksuit or jogging bottoms / sweatshirt (for winter use)

  • Grey or black tights (winter)

  • Water bottle

  • Green & White striped or checked summer dress

Children MUST wear black shoes and NOT trainers - unless there is a medical reason for wearing trainers.

Top 10 reasons to feel good about school uniform:

Equality - Uniform is a great leveller, it makes everyone equal.

Ease - Mornings become easier. It removes the "what to wear" dilemma!

Belonging - Uniform gives children a common identity and a sense of belonging.

Practical - It's designed to withstand wear and tear better than expensive high street fashion items.

Better behaviour - Children behave better when they wear their uniform; it comes with a set of expectations as to what is and isn't acceptable and children behave accordingly.

Rules - Children learn the importance of rules even if they don't like them, a valuable lesson for life.

Confidence - Children walk taller in uniform. They feel important and proud.

Work - Children have a much better attitude to work when they are wearing a uniform.

Identification - Uniform gives the school a profile in the community and means children are easily identifiable on school trips.