Downsview Community Primary School

Learning and Achieving Together


Computing is a big part of the modern world and at Downsview we want to ensure children are prepared for their future. The teaching of Computing falls into five categories; Multimedia, Programming, Data, Online Safety and Online. Teaching occurs throughout the curriculum and as individual Computing lessons. Children have access to laptops, tablets and other hardware such as beebots and cameras.

Image result for cameraMultimedia

Children learn to use ICT in programs such as Paint and Word. They also learn to take and edit photos and videos.

ProgrammingImage result for beebot

Children learn to use code to control sprites in programs such as Scratch and Espresso Coding. They also learn how to program hardware like beebots.


Programs like Excel and Flexi Tree are use to collect and display data. Children also learn to create databases.

Online and Online Safety

Children learn how to use the internet in a safe way. They are taught to think about the credibility of what they see on the internet and how to report problems. We also discuss how they can make sure their behaviour online is appropriate and safe.Image result for zip it block it flag it