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Welcome to Year 3 - Amelia Earhart Class






The name of our Year 3 class for this year is Earhart Class after Amelia Earhart. The children chose Amelia Earhart because she was courageous and broke boundaries at a time when they were very defined and certain opinions went unchallenged.

Amelia Earhart was born into a very unstereotypical family where her and her sister were encouraged to be as adventurous as they pleased rather than following the social norms for girls of the time. Earhart’s father took her to an airfield and arranged for a pilot to take her around in his plane for a 30 minute flight. Upon landing, Earhart bounded over to her father telling him that that was what she wanted to do.

Subsequently, she became one of the first women to achieve their pilot’s license, was the first to cross the Atlantic as a passenger, but not content with this, went on to become the first female pilot to make a transatlantic trip.

Amelia Earhart, we believe will continue to be a role model to push for new successes and encourage those who may not think they are capable, to do something they didn’t think they could.


 Please find the virtual 'Meet the Teacher' presentation below:

Meet the Teacher - Year 3 & 4 2021

 Curriculum Maps

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Term 2/ Autumn 2

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Term 3/ Spring 1

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Term 4/ Spring 2